GMRS. Here, FCC, have $70 for the privilege to use some 70cm frequencies. Oh? I cannot use my existing radios that can operate on those frequencies?!?

As you can probably tell from my prior rant, I’m a ham radio operator. Full disclaimer, I’ve not been involved very long. Regardless, story time, kiddies!

Unlike GMRS, there are usually a few repeaters for 2m and 70cm ham radios where ever you may travel. Also unlike GMRS, one must take and pass a very technical test to obtain their Technician license. The problem there is that most of our wives think we’re absolutely retarded for having and using radios as a means of communicating however when something trips their trigger, they want to chime in on the conversation and just to prove a point, most of the time we’ll go “Nuh Uh”. Of course if we’re feeling nice, we’ll let them use the radios in what is called “third party” and then then it’s a crap shoot as to if they’ll actually talk. So despite our best efforts, they will not test. Well, GMRS seemed a good answer. The GMRS license operates similarly to the ham license in that you have to give your callsign out regularly, avoid “dirty words” and such, and not intentionally block the frequencies. So anyway, why not? $70 for a ten year license that covers your immediate family and a repeater to cover the 10 mile radius? Sounds great. . . Until you realize the FCC for whatever retarded reason doesn’t want you to use your ham radios for those frequencies. #null-logic

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